Crazy Dares for Crazy Hens!

When a Hen Do is mentioned, so are the dares. Once the drinking starts, the dare cards/dice come out and at first, the girls can be coy about kissing a stranger or asking for a pair of men’s underpants. However, after a few bevvies, just try stopping the Hens from doing the craziest of dares […]

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Funny and Unusual Hen Party Themes

Ladies, would you like your Hen Party to be remembered as the party to trump all Hen Parties? Or, simply forgotten and swept under the carpet, because it was so dull and lacking in personality and fun?! When it comes to planning your theme for your special Hen Weekend, discuss with your Hens and take […]

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Frivolous Fancy Dress for a Hen Do

Whether you want traditional or modern fancy dress, the options are limitless. Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Would you rather blend in with all of the other Hen Do parties? Well, take a look at these possibilities and decide for yourself…. The more traditional of Hens might want to go for […]

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Daring Dares for your European Hen Do!

Whenever Hen Parties are mentioned, so are the dares. It’s a long held tradition that dares and challenges are to be completed by every member of the Hen Party, here are a few for you to check out, feel free to steal!   Drinking Dares: Get the barman to give you a free drink (harder […]

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Winter in Budapest

As a Norwegian, I have to admit, I love the cold winters. I adore putting on layers and layers of warm clothes, my biggest faux-fur hat and the very much hated pair of uggs. Who doesn’t like to snuggle under a blanket with a giant mug of tea hot wine and scented candles or searching […]

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Having Some Fun With Bottle Dancing

  My favorite party trick is the bottle dance. From the moment I was taught this folk dance at the tender age of 14 I was hooked and took every opportunity to show it off. It’s an old tradition stemming from village celebrations, either after a harvest or for religious holidays, when everyone got drunk […]

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