Fetish For Dwarves? Into Handcuffs? Read On!

Hen Parties have changed massively over the last 20 years. Your mother and even your grandmother might have booked to see a male stripper ( ew, freaky) down the local community centre. Along with a few Babychams and a couple of lager tops, this would have been the sum total of the Hen Do. These days, things are very […]

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Drinking in Kraków is Simply Divine!

If you’re lucky enough to be going on a Hen Weekend to Kraków, and you’re the kind of girls who love to drink, then here are a few pointers to ensure that you sample the most divine and delicious beverages in Poland. The locals in Kraków enjoy a drink just as much as the Brits […]

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Hungry Hens? Try Hungary or Poland!

If your ladies are the real foodie types, there are many, many possibilities for feeding your faces… From classy restaurants to chocolate tasting, there is something for everyone, your bellies will be full and satisfied, ready for all manner of Hen Party shenanigans! In Budapest, you could take the girls for a Wine Tasting with […]

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Exciting and Popular Hen Parties - Budapest Style

What is there to do in Budapest for Hens on a break away? It’s the best place in Eastern Europe for a Hen Holiday and not too far to get to. Budapest has everything that a Hen would wish for, whether that’s being pampered, dancing the night away or drinking until it comes out if […]

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Racy Ladies Hen Do

When thinking about a Hen Do, images of cackling girls carrying inflatable willies come to mind. However, there are other options… if you and your Hens prefer a classier affair, then so be it! At Hennation, we have scoured numerous activities which could be perfect for some of our Hens who aren’t into strippers and […]

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The Perfect Hen Activity

Top 5 Reasons to Book a Boat Cruise for Your Budapest Hen Party 1. Appeals to Everyone Be it a boozy hen do or a refined swan party, a boat cruise appeals to everyone. It’s a party and a cultural event all wrapped into one! If you are in the ‘Party Girls’ category then you […]

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