Eastern European Hen Weekends - Not For the Faint Hearted!

The tide is turning when it comes to having your Hen Do abroad. No longer is it cool to have your Hen Night in London, Paris or Ibiza.That’s so last year. The flight prices are crazy and when you get there, you’re paying through the nose for a cocktail or a glass of wine, limiting […]

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Alternatives Abroad for a Happy Hen Do!

It’s the time when you’ve got all of the wedding arrangements booked; the venues, flowers, dresses, DJs etc. Just one thing left and it’s very important. You’ll only have one in your life (hopefully!) so it needs to be right – the Hen Party location. Where are you going to go? Stay in the UK? […]

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Packages for Budapest Hen Weekends, Bling to Budget!

Here at Hennation.co.uk, we pride ourselves on putting together some of the best Hen Party packages In the industry.  From the luxurious to the budget-bound, we have fantastic options for all types of Hens, just waiting for you in beautiful Budapest. Why Budapest? Well, apart from the stunning scenery, cheap bars, the fantastically famous Ruin […]

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Budapest Bargains & Hen Party Discounts

Here at Hen Nation, we understand that costs are important to our Hens, so we have put together a few offers that might help with your quest to have the most memorable Budapest Hen Party. (The offers are also available for Kraków Hen Parties). If you and your Hens book your accommodation with us, you […]

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Eastern European Hen Do Venues

If you’re the kind of girls who love a good boogie, then you won’t be disappointed in the bars and nightclubs of Budapest and Kraków. They easily rival some of the best venues in London, Birmingham and Manchester and they are so much cheaper! Apart from having better weather, cheaper food and drink and famously […]

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Hen Do Destinations Ahoy!

Ladies, this will be your one chance to have the most memorable and exciting Hen Do, ever! Think about where you might like to go – Spain? France? Cool places, but not cheap and you’ve probably been on holiday there many times. How about USA? Long way to go for a short break, although lots […]

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Top 5 (+1) Reasons I Love Budapest

Budapest has been getting a lot of good press lately, and maybe some bad too, although the “bad” is actually just funny. We decided to stoke the fire with our own warm and fuzzy thoughts on our hometown. When my colleague, Rita, asked me to write about the top 5 reasons I love Budapest, I […]

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