Restaurants in Krakow

Edo Sushi restaurant in KrakowKrakow is a real treat for food lovers and a hen weekend there is the perfect excuse to sample both local specialties as well as international fare down well. The food scene in Krakow is still growing as more tourists flock there year on year – and as a result there is new places to be enjoyed every season. Having been there a good few years ourselves we’ve built up a list of our favourites which we’re delighted to share with you.

Dinner happens a tad later in the East, so expect people to start sitting down for dinner at 7pm and places packed to the rafters by 8. Booking in advance is recommended, but if you fancy having the waiters attention all to yourself then go for a late or early sitting. And like most places, a 10-15% tip is appreciated if a service charge has not already been added to your bill.

Where are the best places to eat in Krakow?

Al Dente restaurant in Krakow

Downtown Krakow life centres around a main square where you’ll easily find a whole host of different ca

munist times and named because of their lack of alcohol (sorry ladies!), they are big cafeteria style places where you can get yourself a big lunch for less than £2. There is a good one on Ul. Grodzka.fes, eateries and restaurants with differing levels of quality. If you want to eat per the traditions of the locals then you should hunt out a ‘milk bar’. Originating in com

Kazimierz, the Jewish quarter, is also a popular place to eat with loads of great eateries and beautiful little back streets to explore once you’re full.

Some of the top restaurants in Krakow

Here are just a few of our favourite places to eat. As we said, new places are springing up every day so if you’re looking for something in particular then please let us know and we’ll find somewhere to recommend.

Edo Sushi – We love sushi and they serve the best sushi in the city with private rooms called “tatami” where you can dine in private. The food is top notch, the staff always helpful, plus if you ask nicely the chef can prepare for you lots of things that aren’t on the menu, for example rice with strawberries!

Al Dente – This place serves delicious Italian food for a not so cheap but oh so worth it price. The owner is the real deal, an Italian guy who is always kind an welcoming to his customers. The first is a must try, really fresh, and it’s most certainly well washed down with a glass of wine from their amazing wine list.

Pod Bażantami – Very traditional and one of the oldest family restaurant in Krakow (open since 1972!), serving good old fashioned Polish cuisine with a lot of taste and plenty of heart. For this place you have to trek slightly outside the city to a nearby village, but trust us, it’s worth the effort! The owner ‘grandpa’ always keep his eye on everything and welcome guests. There is even a gorgeous garden where you can taste fresh wood fruits – this place is a real treasure.

Focha 42 Ristorante – Good prices, good location and a lovely view of Błonia. The perfect place for a quick lunch.

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