Nightlife in Krakow

Krakow is the nightlife capital of Poland, full of life and young people looking to go hard until dawn. ‘Magiczny Krakow’ (Magical Krakow) is how the locals refer to this charm and it would be hard not to understand why after a few days spent there.

Prozak nightclub in KrakowAround the main square you’ll find the usual trendy bars that have sprung up to cater for the tourist crowd. These certainly aren’t a bad bet, but you might end up paying a little more than a local would be willing to simply for the pleasure of nice surrounding. In fact it’s ‘fact’ happily spread by Krakow residents that their Old Town has the highest concentration of bars of anywhere in the world. We wouldn’t recommend trying to drink in them all!

If you want to get off the beaten track a little then take a trip over the river to the Podgorze district, the old Jewish ghetto, where you’ll find an eclectic collection or bars more suited to the hipster crowd as the whole area undergoes a bit of a cultural renaissance – not so many annoying British stag parties to be found here!

Here are some of our favourite clubs and bars in Krakow

Pauza bar in KrakowPauza – Come upstairs (a little unusual for Krakow) and you’ll find a streetwise crowd, funky artwork on the walls and a chilled atmosphere for enjoying drinks day and night.

Prozak 2.0 – Once a den of horny foreign teenagers hoping to pull to place has gone through a rebirth and blossomed into a place with a great DJ lineup and more locally skewed crowd. Have fun exploring this place, it’s a maze of underground bars with 4 bars and 3 dancefloors to get busy on.

Bomba – Sitting just off the main square, this place is a bit of a haven of relaxation. Come in here for your morning coffee and stick around for the great food menu and drink all the way into the afternoon. Stay long enough and you’ll be around for the parties, concerts, exhibitions and general good time atmosphere that can be found here in the evenings and especially at weekends.

Cien – Expect a night long party atmosphere at this place with an impressive mix of local and international DJs playing on the two dance floors. This very much the place to start your weekend in style and you can expect to find a good mix of locals and tourists in here.

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