Food & Drink in Krakow

Bottles of Polish vodkaKrakow has a buzzing food and drink scene just waiting to be discovered, in fact with just a weekend to spare you’ll not even scratch the surface, but with our help you’ll be able to sample some of gems. Vodka reigns supreme in Krakow and we highly recommend you try it, either neat as the locals would enjoy it, or in cocktails as is becoming more popular among the younger generations of Poles.

But it doesn’t stop there. Wine is finding it’s way onto many Polish tables and there are plenty of great places in Poland to try exquisite local and international wines in comfortable surroundings with delicious traditional Polish snacks to accompany.

A plate of Polish pierogiAs for traditional Polish food you can chow down on traditional favourites, like scrumptious pierogies, one of the most recognisable parts of the Polish diet. For the unaware there are dumplings made from unleavened dough that are first boiled and then friend. Depending on taste they can be filled with meat, potatoes, cream and mushrooms. Stuffed with fruit they also make an interesting dessert option.

As well as this bigos, golonka and sausages are a must eat – or you can seek out more worldly options among Krakow’s blossoming culinary scene, from sushi to Italian, Thai and everything, Krakow residents will all have their favourite choices.

And of course for the late nighters among you, you can always find solace in the post-club gyros.

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