Tired of the same old fancy dress costumes?

hen party sashSashes, L-plates, tiaras, angel wings, devil horns, bunny ears, and matching t-shirts – we’ve all done these at some point in our hen do histories and they are all good fun on any hen do. But maybe you’ve had enough of being Wonderwoman or a Playboy bunny for the umpteenth time. You are looking for something different that will enhance the hen party experience and make you the centre of attention – in a good way. Here are five quirky, sometimes downright weird, but definitely unique, fancy dress ideas for your hen do.

Ggoddess-artemisoddesses. Bring out your inner Artemis and get creative with a Greek goddesses theme. Who is Artemis? Only the Greek goddess of the hunt, wild beasts, wilderness, childbirth, virginity and protector of young girls, bringing and relieving disease in women. Thanks Wikipedia, it looks like she had her hands full, then. And if you want to dress like her, it says here she was often depicted as a hunter carrying a bow and arrows. And there’s nothing sexier or more appropriate for a bride-to-be than a nice set of bow and arrows, right?

Hen party idea dress up as Gwen Stefani and her Harakuja girlsGwen Stefani and the Harakuju girl. Politically incorrect? Maybe. Been done before? No way. A chance to dress up in really outrageous, yet strangely stylish clothing? Definitely! Gwen Stefani has always liked to push the boundaries with her own look; bleached blonde locks, eye-sore red lipstick, skimpy boob tubes, tartan, stripes, leopard print, you name it, she’s worn it. But her entourage of backing dancers take it to a whole new level with their signature brand of matching,sexy Japanese schoolgirl kitsch that is sure to cause a stir wherever you go.

Hen party fancy dress Madonna material girlThe Evolution of Madonna. The baby, the halo, the look of innocence… Oh, not that Madonna? The other one? Like a virgin touched for the very first time? Okay, got it. So, have everyone pick a decade from the pop legend’s wardrobe and your hen group will be like a walking tribute to the Material Girl. We’re warning you though, you’re going to have a fight on your hands to be the one who gets that pointy bra and lace corset combo.

Three ladies dressed in Burlesque, dancing, having funCan Can Girls. Don the petticoats and fishnets and break into spontaneous Can-Can dances all over town. You will be getting standing ovations and roses thrown at your feet, have no doubt about it. And if you fancy a challenge, Wikipedia says: “A Cancan dancer would sometimes stand very close to a man, and bet that she could take off his hat without using her hands. When he took the bet, she’d execute a high kick that would take off his hat—and give him a quick look at her underwear while she was at it. It was also a warning that anyone taking unwanted liberties with a dancer could expect a kick in the face.”

Eddie and Patsy fancy dress for your hen doEddie and Patsy (Absolutely Fabulous). Who hasn’t dreamed of hanging out with these two lovable alcoholics? They’re fun, they’re fashionable, they’re frivolous and they know how to party like rock stars. What could be more inspiring for your own hen party?! And when the lipstick starts to smear, the beehive starts to sag and the words start to slur, you can say it’s all part of the act, right? Pass the Bollinger, darling.

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