Organising a Hen Weekend is never easy. We’re here to help you!

Do you have a ’To Do List’ for your best friend’s hen weekend? Let us remind you of a couple of things in this article.


One of the most critical questions of all for Hen Weekend organisers: Where should the Hen Party take place? Should we stay in the U.K. or choose a European destination? How much money should we spend on getting to the destination? When should we book a flight (if needed)? There are unlimited questions with this topic, but there’s one thing you should really take into consideration: what does the bride want?


Firstly, you have to find the right accommodation. Do you want a hotel or an apartment? What should be the quality of your accommodation? Should it be close to the centre or do you think it’s not a priority?


How will you get to your accommodation? Do you have an airport transfer booked already? Or are you going to get in a cab upon arrival? (Watch out, it can be very expensive if you don’t have the local knowledge of taxis!)


What kind of activities would you like to choose? What would the bride like? More daytime or night activities? Should a male stripper be included or excluded? What would the others want? Will everybody be comfortable with your choice or should all of you vote on what to book?


Would you like to coordinate your best friend’s hen weekend from the very beginning and book different types of activities and transfers from various suppliers or do you want one single company to do all of this for you? The Hen Nation Team is made up of local experts who know the best parties and experiences in town.

We at Hen Nation are here to help you organise the greatest weekend of your life. Let us know if you have any questions.

What you see is what you get with Hen Nation. That means no hidden costs and a simple 20% deposit that guarantees your weekend and means you don't pay anything else until you arrive.

Organising a hen weekend is tough so we do it all for you, give you a local guide and a 24hr concierge you can call. For those that book accommodation with us we'll throw in a nightlife tour and airport transfers for free - it's all part of our commitment to superb customer service.

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