Have a look at the most typical last minute hen do activities in Krakow!

There are people who make reservations and bookings very early. And there are the ones who like waiting a bit and organise everything last minute. And then of course there are some of us who simply forget about deadlines and run out of time. Don’t you worry ’last minute ladies’, we’ve got your back. Here are a few activities that can be booked anytime during the year:

Chippendale Show

We can always organise you some male strippers – even last minute. During our chippendale show one of our lovely, local guides will meet you at your accommodation and help you organise transfers to one of Krakow’s swankiest bars where two free cocktails and a private chippendale show with one male stripper will be waiting for you.

Surprise Chippendale

Classic Hen Dinner

Reserved tables at a centrally located restaurant, a two-course meal, two pints of beer or two glasses of house wine and a sexy male stripper for after-dinner entertainment are all included in our Hen Dinner in Krakow. This is another activity we can book anytime, all year round, even last minute.


Guided Nightlife Tour

You can’t go wrong with booking a guided nightlife tour with Hen Nation. As long as we have guides, we do bar crawls, nightlife tours and guided night club entries. And who wouldn’t want a 5-6 tour in Krakow’s city centre visiting bars and clubs (and more bars and clubs)?

If you’re not convinced, give us a call or send an email to info@hennation.co.uk and let us answer all of your questions with regard to your last minute hen do in Krakow.

What you see is what you get with Hen Nation. That means no hidden costs and a simple 20% deposit that guarantees your weekend and means you don't pay anything else until you arrive.

Organising a hen weekend is tough so we do it all for you, give you a local guide and a 24hr concierge you can call. For those that book accommodation with us we'll throw in a nightlife tour and airport transfers for free - it's all part of our commitment to superb customer service.

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