Let the local experts organise your Hen Weekend either in Budapest or in Krakow!

We’ve always been very proud of being local experts in organising Hen Weekends in Eastern Europe. Have you ever thought about the advantages of this? We’re not only talking about the fact that once you land there’s one of our local guides waiting for you at the airport always ready to help you with anything you need whether it be giving you information about the city, nightlife, advice on how to use public transportation or calling a taxi. We also have a 24-hour-emergency number that you can call in case you have any problem with your booking.

We operate in 2 main destinations, Budapest and Krakow. In this article we’d like to emphasize the importance of truly knowing our destinations, so let us explain you the advantages of these two beautiful cities.


Budapest Hen Weekends are the best way to send the bride off in unforgettable style. You have probably been told about the sightseeing potentials already – but have they mentioned to you how delicious the food is and how cheap the alcohol is? You can get a proper cocktail for only 4-5 GBP. Can you believe it!? It’s also true that the nightlife of the city is awesome, but you need to know your way around to make the most of it. This is exactly why we’re always saying that you need to have a local guide for you during your Nightlife Tour too. They’ll share their knowledge and all their experiences with the whole party, the only thing you’ll have to do is listen to his/her advice.


There’s a legend about Krakow having the densest distribution of bars in the world. Whether this is true or not, it would take you more than just one Hen Weekend to exhaust all the possibilities. Our local guides can help you find the best ones. Another thing that you should know about the second most popular city in Poland is that Krakow is a compact and bustling student town, which makes it a great place to mix with the locals and experience Poland first-hand. There’s one thing that you can’t exclude from your Krakow Hen Weekend which is nothing else but the VODKA. So why not book a Vodka Tasting with us and get the party started with the drink Polish people are so proud of?!

What you see is what you get with Hen Nation. That means no hidden costs and a simple 20% deposit that guarantees your weekend and means you don't pay anything else until you arrive.

Organising a hen weekend is tough so we do it all for you, give you a local guide and a 24hr concierge you can call. For those that book accommodation with us we'll throw in a nightlife tour and airport transfers for free - it's all part of our commitment to superb customer service.

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