Have a wonderful winter hen weekend in Krakow

Winter is a wonderful time for a hen weekend in Krakow. Granted it may be a little cold but that doesn’t stop Polish people from doing what they do best – namely spending long afternoons tucked up in warm bars with friends waiting for the evening to roll around so they can have a good dinner and go out and party.

If you fancy joining them then these are some of the things you can get up to:

Start your weekend with a bang

Budapest Shooting RangeSomething that is sure to take your mind off the cold outside is getting the chance to fire of some rounds at the shooting range. Thanks to slightly more relaxed gun laws over here you’ll get the chance to get your hands on a range of weapons including a Glock, Uzi, shotgun and AK47.

If you’re feeling nervous then you needn’t. You’ll get full safety training and firearms instruction from an English-speaking instructor – and once you’re done you’ll get to keep your scorecard as a memento and you’ll get a glass of champagne to toast an afternoon well spent.

Warm up with a drink

Vodka shots in KrakowWe all know a wee nip of something alcoholic does wonders at warming you up. Unfortunately Poland isn’t a Scotch sort of country and wine isn’t quite going to cut it. Instead we recommend tasting some vodka to get an idea of what real Polish diehards drinks.

It’s strong stuff – but tasty – far tastier in fact that any crap Smirnoff you might find back home in some British pub. Over here it’s flavoured and distilled to perfection making it so tasty in fact that you often end up drinking more than you should.

With an expert standing by you’ll get to taste 5 different types infused with a nice little history lesson so you know what you’re on about next time someone back home challenges you to a debate about the history of vodka (assuming that ever happens!). There will be some juice chasers on hand as well and just in case you get hungry we’ll send out some traditional Polish pub snacks as well.

Warm cosy dinner

Wine Cellar Hen Dinner with EntertainmentIf you want to enjoy a hearty Polish meal in warm cosy surroundings then you need to head to our favourite downtown wine bar for dinner.

We’ll sort you tables – or even a private room – at one of the best places in Krakow and while you’re chowing down on 3 delicious courses of expertly prepared local favourites a sommelier will be on hand to serve up 5 expertly picked wine pairings that match the mood and what’s on your plate perfectly.

And want to make the evening extra special… why not order a stripper for desert 😉

Andrew Davison is an entrepreneur in BudapestAndrew is originally from London and now lives in Budapest running a business called Learn English Budapest. When he’s not working he’s exploring the various capital cities of Europe finding fun things to do and writing about them for you.

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