Drinking in Kraków is Simply Divine!

Hen Cocktail Making Lessons

If you’re lucky enough to be going on a Hen Weekend to Kraków, and you’re the kind of girls who love to drink, then here are a few pointers to ensure that you sample the most divine and delicious beverages in Poland.

The locals in Kraków enjoy a drink just as much as the Brits do, they catch up with friends and drink the local vodka until it’s coming out if their ears! Now, it has always been said that Russian vodka is the best of the best. We ( and many others) disagree, it’s most definitely the Polish vodka that comes out on top every time. It is the vodka that is among the most respected in the world, due to the fact that the Poles use wheat and rye for their voddie, not just the standard potatoes. So, to prevent confusion when you’re already two sheets to the wind, the word “wyborowa” means wheat-based and “zytnia” means rye-based. The Poles don’t sip their vodka, they drink it in one gulp 😉 If you and your Hens are partying with any Poles, then you won’t be leaving for the evening until the whole bottle has been consumed and they will drink to your good health – “Nazdrowie!”

For one of your Hen activities in Kraków, you could book a Vodka Tasting session, with a local vodka expert, giving you the history of the drink and how it’s made, not to mention the 5 samples for you all to try. From pear, to lemon to cherry, your juices will be flowing, although the Poles normally drink their vodka neat, you will be provided with with fruit juice chasers to ease in to it! There will also be snacks provided, pickles, sausage and bread are the usual.

Another Hen activity in Kraków is the infamous Cocktail Making.It is a taught class by an expert in cocktails, who will show you the correct techniques for shaking and stirring, you will all get a welcome cocktail, followed by the two that you will create for yourself, yum! All equipment,materials and ingredients are provided, so you only have to bring your good selves with some beautiful smiles!

Don’t worry if you’re not a vodka fan, the Poles also brew beer, wine and all manner of spirits, there is always something for everyone! 😄

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