Daria Says: Why have your hen weekend in Krakow? (Part 2)

Last time we were speaking to Daria, our head honcho organiser for hen weekends in Krakow, for her reasons on why it is the best city in the universe for such things. She gave us some great reasons, but like anyone that loves their home city she just had too much to get off her mind, so we invited her back to give us yet more ideas.

Over to you Daria….

4. Even better ways to indulge.

Budapest chocolate workshopLast time I spoke about relaxing. Of course that is important, but with such an important milestone about to take place in the hen’s life, it’s important you really make the most of your girly time out together. If shopping is your thing then you will find the Bronowice Galery – 60k square metres of pure shopping bliss – as well as some swanky little boutiques dotted around the Old Town and all worth a little of your time exploring.

Or if you prefer your indulgence in the form of eating then why not join us for a chocolate making workshop. You’ll spend the afternoon with a master chocolatier learning to make pralines and truffles and decorating your very own chocolate bar. Whether you then take it home as a gift or scoff it right there and then is of course entirely up to you 😉

5. The guys here are really cute.

krakow-burlesque-dance5You might have an image in your head of burly men that only care for beer and big meals. This would be an entirely incorrect assumption! Come to Krakow for your hen weekend and your head won’t stop turning for the hunky guys parading the town and chilling out in some of the cities finest bars and restaurants. Polish guys love girls that dress to impress and will dole out the charm and chivalry likes it’s going out of fashion (isn’t it?).

If you really want to impress them why not take a burlesque class on your hen weekend. A qualified, English speaking instructor will teach you a fantastic routine and give you all the costume-based sexyness you need. Later on in the club you’ll have the perfect chance to put your new moves to the test netting some guys.

6. Did we tell you the guys here are buff?

Budapest chippendaleI think we did but it bares repeating because as her last weekend of freedom the hen really should get the chance to see some very fine local men. And if you want to see the very best that Krakow has to offer then we fully recommend seeing a Chippendale Show.

Sitting at your own table and with champagne on demand you’ll enjoy a private dance of your own before getting the chance to sit back and enjoy the main performance. Holler, scream, throw your underwear if you must… you’re on holiday after all!

zzzAndrew is originally from London and now lives in Budapest running a business called Learn English Budapest. When he’s not working he’s exploring the various capital cities of Europe finding fun things to do and writing about them for you.

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