Daria Answers your questions about hen nights in Krakow

Daria is the lady in charge when it comes to ensuring you have a great hen night out when you visit Krakow. She’s been doing it for years and she’s never had an unhappy customer. To get the job done she relies on a small army of local guides that know the city and it’s crazy nightlife spots like the back of their hand.

She’s also used to handling questions from nervous first time hen organisers and she’s always happy to let you know how Hen Nation go about ensuring a killer hen party.

We asked her a few of the typical questions:

1. How many places do you visit on a nightlife tour and how do you decide where to go?

budapest-hen-party-bus-07For the guided nightlife tour it really depends on the group. We’ve gone to as few as 3 places before and as many as 10 places. Some groups get a feel for a place, it’s atmosphere and it’s people and decide to camp there for the night – while others make it a point of seeing how many places they can hit – after all the prices are so cheap.

What’s important to know is we definitely don’t take you to crap places and we don’t take backhander payments from the bars we bring you to – in fact we actively avoid places that offer us those sorts of deals (because they are usually crap!). We want you to have the best night possible so we’ll always consult you before hand as to what sort of night you’re after. And if you know of a place or you see somewhere interesting on your way – let your host know and she’ll be happy to take you in there.

2. Are costumes alright on nights out and clubs?

A hen party bus in KrakowGenerally speaking yes, although if you do wear costumers we can’t give you a 100% guarantee you’ll get in to the club at the end of the night, although if you costume isn’t over the top and not offensive to anyone then we don’t see why you’d have problems – we know the clubs that are more tolerant of dressing up.

For daytime activities, rides to the airport and general bars on nights out you won’t have an problems at all and we actively encourage funny costumes to add to the fun of the night – your guide for the weekend will happily join in if you let her know what the theme is!

But a word of warning – aside from costumes, what will definitely get your barred/kicked out of a club is being too drunk. Polish love a party as much as the next people but clubs and high end bars certainly don’t want the trouble that comes with a a sloshed group falling over, puking up and not buying that many drinks.

3. So how much does alcohol cost in Krakow then?

Budapest wine tastingLike the UK, it depends where you go, but generally speaking you’ll find things to be about ⅓ of what they are back home – nice right?

Dive bars and local places will be cheaper than tourists haunts for sure and the further you get from Market Square the the less money will be flying out of your wallet – and of course in the nice weather there is nothing to stop you from grabbing a cold beer or wine from the shop and heading the the nearest park – just avoid blatant street drinking – the police in Poland are so forgiving of such things.

And if you’re on a budget don’t be afraid to tell you guide, she’ll happily tailor your nightlife tour to accommodate.

zzzAndrew is originally from London and now lives in Budapest writing for a blog called Escaping London. When he’s not working he’s exploring the various capital cities of Europe finding fun things to do and writing about them for you.

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