The Hen Party Challenge? Dare to Organise!

Hen Party GroupWho wants the responsibility of being the head honcho of the Hen Party? Yes, I know there are some of you out there who are born organisers, but when it comes to your friend’s Hen Do, it can be mortifying if things don’t go to plan and she has a horrible time. We can take this responsibility out of your hands and organise it all to within an inch of its life! This takes the pressure of you and the other Hens, so that you can relax and actually enjoy the Hen Weekend.

However, as much as we can organise your hotel, transfers, activities and drinking sessions, it is up to you, creative Hens, to put your beaks together and come up with some fantastic dares for the Hens to complete during the Hen Party. There are the standard dares, like ‘Lick a Budapest Stripper’s nipple’ or ‘Sing Cheesy Karaoke’ in a ruin pub, both of which are really do-able, or ‘Gain a Pair of Men’s Underpants’, ‘Steal 5 Budapest souvenirs’ or ‘Get 8 men to buy you a drink’ in one of the city’s cool cocktail bars can be tricky, but if you’re a determined lady, I’m sure these would be a sinch!

Dares have to be included on a Hen Weekend. It’s the law. So let’s have a think about how we could mix these up a bit….if you were on the Budapest Spa Day, maybe ‘Wear a life jacket to your massage’. You have to insist that they massage you over the inflated jacket & you have to pretend that it’s fantastic. How about ‘Count bubbles in the jacuzzi for 10 minutes’, but you have to count out loud and point at every bubble that you count. If anyone asks what you’re doing, you’re practising counting heads because you’re a new teacher and tend to lose children quite a lot.

Of course, there are the oldie but goodies – ‘Wear 9 pairs of pants on your head for an hour, in the middle of a pub/bar/club’- Classic….and ‘Get a photo with 2 Budapest Policemen’, not the most daring, but hey, each to their own! When you’ve finished the Hen dares, there will be such solidarity in that you all achieved your dares, you will all have created memories of this special time, for years to come.Whatever crazy dares you and your Hens come up with for your Hen Weekend , remember that what happens in Budapest, stays in Budapest!


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