Hen Do in Hungary? Try our Trabant Tour in Budapest!

Once you’re at your hen do (Hungary in this case), perhaps you’d like to do something local, right ladies? You can’t just go for the same activities everytime you organise a hen weekend. There’s one thing you can’t find everywhere, but Budapest still has it: The Trabant Tour!

About The Trabant Tour

The Trabant is originally an East German car produced from 1957 to 1990 (and is often seen as symbolic of the former East Germany and the collapse of the Eastern Bloc in general). What’s really good with our old Trabbie is that you can still get to drive it around Budapest. Enjoy a few hours’ drive in the Pilis Hills and then stop for a traditional Hungarian lunch in the meantime. What’s included? An experienced English-speaking instructor, safety instructions and a short lesson on how to drive the vehicle, support car in case of breakdowns (but don’t worry, Trabants are easily repaired) and the already mentioned Hungarian meal in a countryside restaurant.

Trabant trek in Budapest

Local Spirit Tasting

Finish hard and try something even more local, Pálinka and Unicum! A few words about these DELICIOUS alcoholic beverages (well, OK, some of you ladies might say they’re disgusting.. but don’t worry, a few shots later you won’t even recognise the bad taste): Pálinka is a traditional fruit brandy made of apple, plum, pear, raspberry, grape and basically any fruit you can imagine. Hungarians are very proud of their Pálinkas, especially if they’re homemade ones and have at least 60% alcohol content. In comparison, Unicum is is a Hungarian herbal liqueur produced by Zwack including 40 herbs according to the secret formula.

hen do hungary

During our Hungarian Spirit Tasting you’ll get five 2 cl shots of Pálinka and Unicum while a drink expert introduces the different flavours. We won’t forget about soft drinks and some pretzels either – because believe us, you ladies will need them for sure. Knowing all of this, why not finish your hen do in Hungary with a typical Hungarian activity?

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