Your very own Guardian Angel Guide for your Hen Party in Budapest!

Planning and organising a wedding is stressful, so when it comes to the Hen Party, why not let someone else take the reins? Traditionally, it has always been the Chief Bridesmaid’s responsibility to organise the Hen Do, but then she also gets the complaints if things don’t go as they should, not to mention how awful she feels if the party is as flat as a proverbial pancake. So, how do we remedy this? Allow Hen Nation to organise your Hen Party in Budapest!

Budapest hen guides

We have the experience and the know-how, and not forgetting our most wonderful, fabulous Hen-Party Guides. These ladies are the best in the business at organising and ensuring that you have the best weekend of your lives. They will make sure that you don’t forget your Hen Party for a long, long time, you will come home with memories that will have you bursting into shrieks of laughter at the drop of a hat. Hopefully, this won’t happen when you’re in a meeting at work/in a lift with strangers/walking the dog, but you definitely won’t forget it and who cares anyway?!

Our ladies speak fluent English and are either from the area or have lived there for some time. They have all the knowledge you could need about Budapest, where to go, what to do, best bars/clubs and all of the dodgy places you’d prefer to avoid…More than anything, they love their job and enjoy partying so much, they end up becoming an honorary member of the Hen Party! It’s like having your own personal ‘mom’ to look after you, but without the criticism about your skirt being too short and drinking too much! Your guide will encourage you to have as much fun as possible and to try out anything new, be it food, drink, a strip club or shooting a gun!

If you’re having a theme for your Hen Party in Budapest, then be sure to let your guide know, she will get an outfit so she matches all of the Hens. Our ladies just want you to have the most epic time, so will do their best to make sure this happens. She’ll get you into the clubs you want to go to and march you to the front of the queue with special VIP passes, if you’ve booked a Budapest Nightlife Tour. If translation’s an issue, our guide will be able to interprete for you, so there are no misunderstandings. She’ll be there every step of the way, like a guardian angel, granting your wishes and paving the way for magical fun and laughter!

What you see is what you get with Hen Nation. That means no hidden costs and a simple 20% deposit that guarantees your weekend and means you don't pay anything else until you arrive.

Organising a hen weekend is tough so we do it all for you, give you a local guide and a 24hr concierge you can call. For those that book accommodation with us we'll throw in a nightlife tour and airport transfers for free - it's all part of our commitment to superb customer service.

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