Here are some great hen party theme ideas (Part 1)

Every hen party needs a little bit of fancy dress to get everyone in the mood and the key to good fancy dress is a killer theme to go with it. Step out in any popular hen party town and you’re sure to find the regular parade of pink tutus and plastic willies… but we think… no we insist that you do better if you’re coming on one of our hen parties in Europe.

That’s why, to help you, we’ve come up with a few potential themes for you to try out. This is a two part guide so we’ll be back next time with some more ideas.

Smooth criminal

Budapest Shooting RangeThink gangsta, think Bonnie and Clyde, think big guns and sexy men in uniform ready to swoop in and put on those handcuffs and take you prison and… well we’d better stop that fantasy right there!

You’ve got plenty of room to maneuver with this theme and the chance to create some absolutely hilarious photos especially with confused looking locals. Krakow has a beautiful old town – imagine exploring it while pretending you’re part of your very own crime thriller. Turn it into a scavenger hunt why don’t you… just make sure it involves visiting plenty of bars.

And if you’re looking for a fun activity to go with it then might we suggest a day at the shooting range getting your hands on some seriously sexy weapons.

So you think you can dance?

Pole dance competitionNothing gets the excitement levels high and the local guy’s heads turning faster than a great dance routine. Maybe you’ve got two left feet? Maybe you’re shy in front of people… well it’s you friends last weekend of freedom so you’ve got no excuses.

You’ve got inspiration from tango to twerk and anywhere in between. You can go truly trashy or keep it tactfully tasteful depending on what sort of night out you’ve got planned for your hen night in Budapest. Go crazy and maybe have a little informal competition going for whoever pulls the most guys. Loser buys everyone a drink?

And if you need a little professional help getting your hen weekend moving then why not take a pole dancing class. We’ll teach you how to keep your balance and perfect your slip and slide. Do it well enough and perhaps you’ll have your hands wrapped around something else by the end of the night 😉

zzzAndrew is originally from London and now lives in Budapest running a business called Learn English Budapest. When he’s not working he’s exploring the various capital cities of Europe finding fun things to do and writing about them for you.

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