Funny and Unusual Hen Party Themes

Vintage Hen Party

Ladies, would you like your Hen Party to be remembered as the party to trump all Hen Parties? Or, simply forgotten and swept under the carpet, because it was so dull and lacking in personality and fun?!

When it comes to planning your theme for your special Hen Weekend, discuss with your Hens and take some time to throw around lots of ideas to get you all in the mood and ensure the best Hen Party of the century. We all know the standard Hen Party, where the bride to be wears a veil and ‘L’ plates, yes, highly amusing and done to the death. Use your imagination ladies, look at the personalities of your group and use them to inspire a crazy, unusual Hen Party which will never be forgotten. The incriminating photos will be a source of hilarity til the end of time!

There are so many themes to choose from, where do you start? Well, there are superheroes, tarts with hearts (or not?), nurses, schoolgirls, the list goes on, so how about the more unusual? Step back in time to a place where women were dragged by their hair into a cave, for men to have their wicked way with them…yes, a Cave Woman! Of course, you could change the history, by becoming the more dominant sex and switching the roles. Armed with your clubs, wearing a super-sexy leopard print mini dress and bandana, the men will be unarmed and submissive under your power! Even if you get so drunk, you lose the power of regular speech, a few uttered ‘uggs’ will make people think you’re just playing the part! Everyone’s a winner 😀

This one’s only for the girls who are super-confident, or just don’t care about their bodies being on show… A ‘Baywatch’ Hen Party! Donning a high-cut skimpy red swimsuit, the only other props you’re allowed are a rubber ring and a whistle 😉 Might be a good idea to check on the temperatures of that time of year, otherwise, there’ll be frost bitten nipples all round. The girls could act out Baywatch scenes and rescue drowning men in every bar you go to, wedging them into the rubber ring at every opportunity, until they promise to buy you a drink 👍

Policewomen are to be obeyed, especially on a Hen Do. Dressed up in full uniform, with handcuffs and batons, the boys won’t be able to resist! You and your Hens could have a competition over the weekend to see who could arrest the most badly behaving boys. It could be for the smallest of things- fly undone, they didn’t open a door for you, smile at your joke etc etc…

So ladies, it’s your choice, we’ll leave it in your capable hands….

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