Fun Overload on your Budapest Hen Weekend!

If you’re having your Hen Weekend here, then you are going to have the most amazing time, without a doubt. If you like to gain an understanding about a country’s history (bad times as well as good times), then go and see ‘Shoes on the Danube’. Yes, it kind of looks like a few people went swimming and just left their shoes behind at the side of the river, but, there is a lot more to this story which is heartbreaking, and a good reminder of Hungary’s past.

If you and your Hens like a good rummage through antiques and retro furniture, then check out the Ecseri Flea Market. Full of unusual and quirky items, along with the standard jewellery and touristy items.If you’re having the Spa Day as part of your Hen Weekend, you could include it along with visiting the Szechenyi Spa, which is situated under Neo-Baroque domes with steam rooms and saunas. There are 18 indoor and outdoor pools, so no worries about being wedged up against other half naked bodies who you’ve no wish to rub bellies with! Have a thermal bath too, the naturally warm springs will rejuvenate you!

A couple of hints and tips when spending time in beautiful Budapest, start with how to drink the local Palinka. For God’s sake, don’t sip it. Do you want to have molten lava dripping down your throat, until you’ve managed to finish the whole glass? Of course you don’t. Chug it in one my friends! And ladies, please don’t ask for a wine menu when visiting any local cafes. They don’t have any! It’s red or white. End of. One last thing, if you’re being chatted up/harassed by a local, ensure you learn this phrase carefully: Baszd Meg! It means ‘Leave me alone/Not interested. However, if you say it like this: Bassz Meg! You are asking that local to sleep with you! Oh yes, so get practising your pronunciation for the love of God.

There are so many events throughout the year that take place all across Hungary and in Budapest. If you’re lucky enough to be there at the right time, you could attend the Budapest International Circus Festival, or the Shakespeare Ball, paying homage to the late great. There are Fish Festivals, Indoor Beer Festivals, the list just goes on. You will never be bored in Bud. Never in a million years. Besides, you can always book one of our activities, like the Trabant Tour, if you fancy a jaunt into the countryside, or maybe a Pole Dancing class to keep your energy up?

Pole dancing lesson

Whatever your preferences, we guarantee your time in Budapest will be thoroughly enjoyable, and you’ll have the most memorable Hen Weekend of your life!

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