Frivolous Fancy Dress for a Hen Do

Fancy Dress Hens Superheroes

Fancy Dress Hens Superheroes

Whether you want traditional or modern fancy dress, the options are limitless. Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Would you rather blend in with all of the other Hen Do parties? Well, take a look at these possibilities and decide for yourself….

The more traditional of Hens might want to go for the ‘L’ plates and veils, or maybe Naughty Nurses/Nuns or Cheerleaders, where the outfits can be easier to put together or hired. The Hens will look identical, so can be easily identified as a Hen Party and the girls can be spotted by each other, should some of you go AWOL! You could even have a practised dance ready, to make the evening fun and entertain onlookers.

If you would all like to go back in time, other fancy dress for Hen Parties might include ‘Back to School’, complete with short skirts, shirts and ties, hair up in bunches, get my drift? Or how about a Seventies theme? Flares, flower-power shirts, platforms can all be picked up easily from Vintage shops and give your party a more chilled and relaxed vibe.

If you’d prefer something more unusual, then Cartoon Characters could be cool, all the hens would look different, but still have the feeling of being part of the Hen Party. From Jessica Rabbit, Minnie Mouse and Tinkerbell, each Hen could have an outfit which is perfect for them individually, while still being recognisable as a party of Hens and so much hilarity would ensue if the ladies actually took on the characters’ personalities and voices for the evening!

A Dominatrix Hen Party could be the business if the Hens are all strong, independent women, with bags of confidence. The outfits could be as risqué as you wanted and you could be as harsh and disciplined with other party goers, without fear of comeback! Another fancy dress theme for a hen do could be Movie Stars. Part of the fun is for others to guess who you are, the Hens will feel special and sophisticated (depending on who they’ve chosen to go as) and you’ll definitely get noticed.

Pirates, fairies, cowgirls and Bollywood are just a few other suggestions for your special Hen Do or, how about famous Serial Killers? Yes it’s out there, but whatever floats your boat!

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