Eastern European Hen Weekends - Not For the Faint Hearted!

The tide is turning when it comes to having your Hen Do abroad. No longer is it cool to have your Hen Night in London, Paris or Ibiza.That’s so last year. The flight prices are crazy and when you get there, you’re paying through the nose for a cocktail or a glass of wine, limiting your ability to get very tiddly! The up and coming places to be seen on your Hen Do are in Eastern Europe. Never ventured there before? Don’t write it off yet – you may never have visited, but trust us, you won’t be sorry when you do.

In the Eastern European country of Hungary, the drinks are cheap and the men are delicious, oops, I meant food! You can choose to get your gnashers round the local or international food, either way, it’s blinkin’ lovely. If you decide to go native, then the traditional Goulash or the Langos will fill you up and tantalise your tastebuds, or you can go for Italian, Japanese or any other cuisine you desire, you won’t miss out or go hungry in Hungary! (Geddit?)

If you’re planning on a crazy Hen Do, with drinking, dancing and debauchery, then beautiful Budapest is the place to be. It’s crazy. Not just a little bit ‘wahay, look at me swinging around the pole’ crazy, but full-on ‘piggy-backing a dwarf around the dancefloor’ crazy. You can’t escape it and why would you want to? During the day, you can take it easy in the Dive Bars and Ruin Pubs that are scattered around the city. Chill out and enjoy good food and drink with your bezzies, explore the city and be amazed by the stunning architecture and fabulous Ruin Pubs, which are old courtyards brought back to life to create some interesting and retro drinkeries. Or you could hire a Trabant and take in the Hungarian scenery on your way into the countryside, either way it’ll be bloomin’ marvellous!

Trabant trek in Budapest

The Hungarians are friendly and welcoming, they will try to entice you with the local ‘Palinka’. Be warned, you’ll be cuddling traffic lights and barking like a dog after one shot – stick to the ‘Honey Palinka’, at least you’ll be able see fairly straight…

If you’re the type of Hens who love a boogie, then Budapest’s nightclubs will be a real treat. Big name DJs fly in from around the world to play their funky, bouncing tunes until the early hours, so make sure you take your dancing shoes with you!

Eastern Europe is a classic mix of the traditional and modern, plenty of culture and nightlife to satisfy the most committed of clubbers. Give it a whirl, ladies – it’ll be epic!

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