Daring Dares for your European Hen Do!

Hen party beer bike in Budapest

Budapest Beer Bike

Whenever Hen Parties are mentioned, so are the dares. It’s a long held tradition that dares and challenges are to be completed by every member of the Hen Party, here are a few for you to check out, feel free to steal!


Drinking Dares:

  • Get the barman to give you a free drink (harder than it sounds!)
  • Drink 3 shots in a row, but it must be barman’s choice
  • Stop a Beer Bike and demand a lift!
  • Order a round of drinks (easy!) with one of your boobs casually flopping out (ooh missus!)
  • Drink 3 shots whenever Byron’s name is mentioned (insert own appropriate name)


Dancing Dares:

  • Do your most outrageous dancing in the middle of the pub – during the day
  • Give someone a Lapdance in your fancy dress costume for an hour on Saturday night


Singing Dares:

  • Sing a Karaoke solo
  • On the Riverboat Cruise, strike a pose with stranger at the front of the boat, to “My heart will go on”. (Celine Dion) Sing it too, if you like!


Prank Dares:

  • Get a selfie done with 2 Police Officers, with you wearing your fancy dress outfit
  • Motorboat 6 people over the weekend
  • Lick the nipple of a stripper(ooh missus!)
  • Handcuff yourself to a stag for 15 minutes
  • Knock someone’s door in your hotel and stand there for 20 seconds
  • Collect 5 free souvenirs over the weekend
  • Wear 9 pairs of knickers on your head for an hour on Saturday night


Happy Hen Do Daring!

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