Crazy Dares for Crazy Hens!

Male stripper

When a Hen Do is mentioned, so are the dares. Once the drinking starts, the dare cards/dice come out and at first, the girls can be coy about kissing a stranger or asking for a pair of men’s underpants. However, after a few bevvies, just try stopping the Hens from doing the craziest of dares without batting an eyelid!

From trying to get free drinks to singing the worst karaoke song ever, it has always been tradition to make fools of ourselves on a Hen Party. Luckily, the many Hen Parties that have been and gone, have left a fantastic legacy of dares to choose from, ranging from the fairly tame, right up to the wild and crazy, so take your pick…

At the start of the night, the bride-to-be and Hens can choose a light hearted dare, without ruffling too many feathers – Talking to a stranger using a foreign accent is a nice start, however, remember you’re in a foreign country girls, they might think you’re taking the proverbial, so choose your victim wisely 😀 Alternatively, you could try to convince someone that you’re famous. You’d need a background story and a good name, you might want to be a singer/actress/porn star, but the victim must believe you!

As the evening progresses, the dares can become slightly more nuts – Do a ‘robot’ dance, with other girls doing their own special groove (Think ‘Inbetweeners’ film, gut-bustingly funny!) This must be done to a whole song, while keeping an absolutely straight face. Or, perform a Cheerleader routine to a stag, with full chant and Pom-poms, has to be carried through right until the end & get the crowd to join in too!

As the night wears on, the ladies will most likely be so hammered that they’ll be begging for a dare, so at this point, you could bring out the big guns. One of the Hens could attempt to give a Lapdance to a stag for 20 minutes. But, it is up to the Hen to keep the stag entertained, so he doesn’t wander off in a bored stupor!  Just be aware, girls, that stags from other countries may not take your dare in the jokey way it is intended, so keep your wits about you 😉 The Spice Boys Challenge is great for a bit of Hen/Bride competition. Each of the Spice Boys need to be found and photographed (more points if some are together), so you’ll need a Sporty, Scary, Posh, Baby and Ginger, off you go ladies! Dare your asses off 😆

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