Serving Sausage Mr. Naked Waiter?!

Budapest Naked Waiter

Hen Party Naked Waiter

The main thing to do on a Hen Party, is to laugh and giggle as much as you like – it’s time to let your hair down after all those months of planning your wedding, it’s time to paaaarrrty! Out of the many Hen activities you can do, make sure you include some that have your Hens squealing with laughter, with tears (of happiness) rolling down your hens’ faces. Aside from the dares/ pranks you may have planned, try to include some surprises that the Hen won’t forget in a hurry…

A Naked Waiter always go down a storm on a Hen Night. We have a ‘Bare Bum Butler’ who is completely naked aside from an apron. To ensure that you gain the most giggles of the evening, don’t tell the Hen. Ask the Waiter to serve as he would in a restaurant, but make sure you have a camera pointed at the Hen’s face as he turns around to show his very peachy, bare buttocks! He will wait on the Hens for 2 hours, while you ogle and drool over his perfect physique, happy days! Alternatively, you could go one step further and hire a Dwarf Butler for a couple of hours. Again, he will serve you, if you so wish, or, as a funny surprise for the Hen, he could handcuff himself to the bride-to-be for an hour! Depending on the Hen’s sense of humour, this could be hilarious or downright embarrassing, either way, the rest of the Hens will love it.

If these activities are not floating your giggly boat, then how about having a go at Pole Dancing? Just the sound of sweaty flesh squeaking its way down an aluminium pole will send you into fits, especially if a Hen gets stuck halfway down 😂 Or, you could take it seriously to show off to your nearest and dearest ( we don’t mean your mom!)

If you and your Hens find the male genitals funny, then a Life Drawing class might be the ideal place for you, however, the model might get a bit upset if you’re snorting your way through a class because of the sight of a man’s wilbut! You could always book a Male Stripper to come along with your party, on the Party Bus, Limo or during a Hen Dinner. He’ll tease and tantalise for 15 minutes and his attention will be centred around the Hen, this could be amusing if she’s more demure and delicate, if not it’ll be the icing on the cake of a fabulous Hen Weekend!

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