Want to Learn a Skill to Wow the Groom During Your Budapest Hen Weekend?!

Your Budapest hen weekend doesn’t have to be all about drinking and male nakedness in the form of strippers. You could use this as an opportunity to learn new skills! We don’t mean sitting in a classroom learning algebra, oh no, we want you to learn how to shake your booty, in other words – Twerking!

What Is Twerking?

Well, it’s all in the bottom, apparently. A lady by the name of Miley Cyrus made it go global back in 2013 at the MTV awards, where she famously shook her booty in front of Robin Thicke’s groin area! (In actual fact, she shoved her bare cheeks right into his willy, but we’re not judging). She hasn’t looked back since (literally!). However, it didn’t actually start then, back in 1993 the dance move was mentioned in a song by DJ Jubilee, hidden on the underground scene for many years, but now it’s out in the open (yikes!)

Good For Fitness

Twerking is here to stay and it’s very good for your booty muscles too! Done regularly, twerking is excellent for fat burning and also for toning your bottom. The hip and bottom movements allow all of those unused muscles to come to the fore and start shaping your bottom into something beautiful and peachy! From Madonna to the ladies on Loose Women, it seems everyone is having a go, so why not try it on your Budapest hen weekend? Your bum will never look so good!

Twerking Activity

To get you loosened up, we’ve included a glass of bubbly on arrival. Once you’re feeling brave enough, the English-speaking instructor will demonstrate and get all of the Hens practising their bottom-wobbles! It’s hilarious, but also quite sexy once you’ve got the hang of it, imagine the look on your other half’s face when you proudly present your arse in all its glory! The class runs for an hour, so you have plenty of time to hone your new moves.

Hen Prank

You could make the twerking class even funnier by making the Hen dress up in a ridiculous outfit – bright yellow chicken, hairy gorilla, Wonder Woman – photo opportunities galore! Or imagine a video of the Hen’s bum cheeks wobbling up and down in slow motion! She’ll never forgive you, but the giggles might be worth it!

Fancy Dress Hens Superheroes

Go on girls, book this for your Budapest hen weekend. Twerking could be your new hobby and there aren’t many men who can turn down a fine looking bottom!



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