A Treat for the Groom - Learn to Lap Dance and Pole Dance On Your Hen Do in Budapest

Do you fancy learning some new skills while you’re on your Hen Do in Budapest? It’s not all about getting hammered and embarrassing the Hen, you could learn some new tricks to impress your groom when you get back home. Don’t panic, we’re not suggesting that you all visit a brothel to learn from the experienced ladies of the night, but we have Pole and Lap dancing lessons to get your men all of a quiver!

Dance Class – Lap Dance

Have you ever wanted to know the secrets of a Lap Dancing club? Why is it that men love going to these places? Well girls, you’re about to find out with a fantastic Lap Dancing class all of your own!  Find your inner sexy goddess, gain confidence in your body and enjoy the feeling of being adored by your man when you unleash your sexy moves when he least expects it!

Lap dancing class in Budapest

You and your Hens will be taken to a top strip club in Budapest, where a professional dancer will demonstrate how to strip and move your body, just like the Lap dancers do! You will get an hour’s lesson where you and the ladies can dress up and wear high heels to strut your stuff. We’ll supply a glass of bubbly each to get you in the mood and once you’re done, you can head off into the night to practice your new skills on the locals!

Budapest Pole Dancing

How about having a go at Pole Dancing? You’ll be taught by another professional dancer who will show you how to grip that pole betwixt your thighs! You might even fancy getting yourself one when you get home, to show off to your significant other. You get the same hour’s lesson and bubbly, but this time you could play a prank on the unknowing Hen and bring a silly outfit for her to wear while she’s practising – photo opportunity!

Hen Pole Dancing Lessons

Be sure to bring some oil with you to soothe those thighs later – don’t put in on beforehand or you’ll be flying down that pole like a firefighter ready to attack! Be ready for much hilarity as you all screech and squeak down the pole until you’ve mastered the art of non-squeaking!

Both classes take part in a private area, where nobody else will be able to watch, except for your party. You’ll be met at your accommodation by your local guide who will escort you there, just in case you get lost on the way! Your Budapest Hen Do awaits…

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