Theme Your Hen Weekend in Budapest, Make it Funky!

Hen Parties in Budapest are the best kind of parties, where anything goes. If you and your Hens want to dress up in the most outrageous gear, the locals are so used to the craziness, they won’t bat an eyelid!

So if you’re ready and able to party, but unsure as to the theme of your Hen Do in Budapest, allow us to share our ideas with you…

There are the tried and tested themes that are a always a giggle, pick a Superhero and then stay in character all night. If you’re Supergirl or Batgirl, you’ll need to be rescuing people all night – drink someone’s beer, then explain it was poisoned by the Joker, act as if you’re invisible and move things around in front of people, but keep the facade as if they really can’t see you, hilarity all round. How about Vicars and Tarts? No doubt there will be some arguments about who the tarts are, but it’s an excellent excuse for trowelling on the make-up!

Hen party nightlife tour in Budapest

When ladies are out on the town, it’s brilliant to feel part of a group, so how about having T.Shirts made with the Hens’ names or initials printed on the back? Everyone will know you belong to the team and it’s easier to keep track of everyone. Maybe use nicknames, make up some if you don’t have any – ‘Snotface’ for the girl who always has colds, ‘Jelly Belly’ for the girl who can’t say no to a kebab etc!


Hen Weekends in Budapest are exciting and the atmosphere is party, party, party! You could go for a ‘Party from the past’ theme, and choose a decade. The 70s is always a winner, with fashionable flares, afros and crazy glasses; the 80s is another, with ra-ra skirts, New-Romantic frilly shirts and peddle-pushers! You could even really go back in time to the 40s and go for a Charleston look or the 50s with poodle skirts… the choice is endless!

Your Hen Weekend in Budapest should be extra special, so a theme that means a lot to the girls would be ideal. Maybe you have a film that you all love, so pick characters and dress accordingly. ‘Grease’ is a cracker – go as The Pink Ladies, or maybe even the T.Birds if you fancy a gender change. If you love Jungle Book, then some animal suits could be cool, maybe a tad hot and not particularly sexy if you’re on the lookout for attractive men, but you could improvise!

Let your imagination go wild, ladies, this will be a weekend to remember for the rest of your lives, so make it a memorable one!


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