Some Phrases to Help You Enjoy Your Budapest Hen Do

Ladies, why not be an exception to the rule and make an effort to speak the language of the country that you’re visiting? Although the Hungarians are able to speak English, they’d be so much more appreciative if you could manage a few basics while on your Budapest Hen Do!

Hungarian Pleasantries

So to get started, a nice easy one – to say ‘Szia’ means ‘Hello’, if you want to take it one step further, try ‘Hogy van?’ meaning ‘How are you?’ See? Nice and simple!

If you manage to venture out in the morning after your hard night partying, how about ‘Jo reggelt!’ – ‘Good morning!’ and at night time – ‘Jo ejszakat’ – ‘Good night’.

To make sure that you’re not agreeing to things you may not be aware of – ‘Yes’ is ‘Igen’ and ‘No’ is ‘Nem’.

To find out if the guy you’ve got your eye on speaks English, ask ‘Beszel magyarul?’ -‘Do you speak English?’

On your Budapest Hen Do, manners will get you everywhere, so ‘Please’ is ‘Kerem’, and ‘Thank you’ is ‘Koszi’.

For The Boys

Should you and the Hens want to chat up some of the delicious Hungarian men, you might want to learn these…

‘I like you’ is ‘Kedvellek’, to take it one step further and this is probably if you’re a little bit tipsy – ‘I love you’ is ‘Szeretlek’. But don’t blame us if you end up married by the end of your weekend!

If you fancy trotting out some brilliant chat up lines, how about, ‘Gyakran jarsz ide?’ – ‘Do you come here often?’

You could follow this up with, ‘Szeretne tancolni velem?’ which means ‘Would you like to dance with me?’

If you think you found a rich guy who’s happy to pay your way, you might like to try – ‘Ez az ur fog mindent kifizetni!’, which means ‘This gentleman will pay for everything!’

When it All Goes Pete Tong

Should you have some men who are making a nuisance of themselves, a few of these phrases might come in handy…

‘Hagyjon engem beken!’ – which has 2 meanings – ‘Go away!’ and ‘Leave me alone!’ Either way, we think they’ll understand!

We doubt very much if you’ll need this one, but just in case, ‘Help!’ is ‘Segitseg!’

If you’re very drunk and struggling and you really want your mum, ‘A mamamat akarom!’ means ‘I want my mommy!’

If you’re also drunk and want to freak out the locals, try ‘Egy ejszaka tokott vagyok!’ means ‘I turn into a pumpkin at midnight!’

If all else fails, you can try the good old miming game and of course, speak very loudly and slowly, because they’re sure to understand you then!

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