St. Nicholas Day

Every 6th of December morning kids all over Hungary jump out of their beds to check their boots for gifts and sweets.

In Hungary, we not only celebrate birthdays but name days as well. Everybody has a name day and these days are mainly based on religious traditions (saints). That is why we celebrate Saint Nicholas’ name day on the 6th of December, and it’s an especially magical day for kids. The night before, Hungarian children shine their winter boots and put them in the window in hopes that St. Nick will fill them with gifts. But only good children get nice gifts. Bad children get onions or a whipping stick (virgács).

In the past couple of weeks my 6 year old nephew asked me every day whether I have seen Saint Nicholas, or as we call him here, „Mikulás”. He is trying very hard to be a good boy these days. (Unfortunately only these days…)

He knows very well that Mikulás day is here and you need to be extra well behaved.

Our neighbor has a gift shop so the hallway is always filled with boxes and decorations. The other day we walked into find this waiting for us in front of the garage door:

Head of Santa Clause in a bag

I have to admit I was a little shocked as it was still early in the morning and dark. But immediately I knew I had to document this Santa head to prove to my nephew that Mikulás is always watching!

Guess who’s the best behaved little boy these days?!

And I hope you too have been well-behaved ladies this year and found gifts in your boots this morning!  😉

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