Let the Chief Bridesmaid Make the Arrangements for Your Hen Do in Budapest

Instead of getting more stressed about organising your hen do in Budapest, why not let the Chief Bridesmaid take on the responsibility? It will allow you to concentrate on your upcoming wedding and you won’t need to worry about booking activities or arranging anything, as your second in command knows you so well, it’ll be the best hen do in the world! The Chief Bridesmaid is also responsible for many other tasks for the wedding, just in case you weren’t aware…

The Hen Do

The Chief Bridesmaid should organise the party by inviting the guests, checking numbers and costs. She can then organise where to go, what to do and for how long, to ensure that the party is suited to the bride. It really should be a fantastic party, a hen do in Budapest – that could never be forgotten!

Helens hen do budapest

The Wedding Dress 

The Chief Bridesmaid’s first task is to help the bride find the perfect wedding dress. This means accompanying her to the shops, giving advice and of course, telling her how beautiful she looks when she finds the one! Once agreed, she should also go with the bride on any further fittings to ensure she looks as amazing as she should on her big day.

Wedding dresses

The Bridesmaids’ Dresses

The Chief Bridesmaid should also organise for all of the bridesmaids and flower girls to choose their dresses too. She should make sure that they coordinate with the bride and that further fittings are carried out when everyone is together.

Bridesmaid dresses

The Wedding Day

Today is the day that the Chief Bridesmaid comes into her own. She is responsible for helping the bride with her hair and make up and of course, keeping her calm and relaxed! She should also ensure that the bridesmaids, page boys and flower girls are dressed, ready to go when the car arrives. Finally, she should accompany the bride’s mother and bridesmaids in the car to the church, where she’ll meet the bride.

Bridal car

At the Church

Once at the church, the Chief Bridesmaid should arrange the bride’s dress when she arrives and ensure that the bridesmaids and page boys know where they should be going when they reach the church. She will then follow the bride and the bride’s father down the aisle, then accompany the best man to witness the signing of the register.

At the Reception

The Chief Bridesmaid will be in the greeting line as the guests arrive and will take care of the wedding gifts and the bride’s bouquet. It’s tradition that she dances with the best man after the newly married couple have had their first dance.

Bride's bouquet

When It’s All Over

Once the wedding party is finally over, the Chief Bridesmaid should make sure that all of the wedding gifts go back to the couple’s home and to return any other hired pieces such as cake stands, back to the shop.  Then, relax!


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