Your Krakow Hen Weekend Would Not Be Complete Without a Male Stripper!

Of course you want to see some male nakedness on your Krakow hen weekend, we know that! That’s why we have ensured that there are plenty to choose from, who are ready, willing and able to perform for you and your Hen party. Never before have you seen such stunning male specimens, they will leave you breathless, but at the same time, wanting more…so much more!

Male Stripper

Our Male Stripper can be booked to turn up almost anywhere. To pull the prank of all pranks on the Hen, he could come to your hotel room, pretending to be room service or he could pop in halfway through a dinner. Tell us where you like him to appear and he will, with bells on! Or any other kind of ornaments – we don’t pretend to understand your kinks, but we’ll do it anyway! The dance will last for 15 minutes, so take your seat and await the heavenly show…

The delightfully sexy, Polish stripper will pay all of his attention to the Hen, so if she’s a little bit shy, make sure she’s had a drink or two beforehand, because our Polish pimp (not really a pimp, couldn’t think of anything else starting with ‘p’) will be undressing down to absolutely nothing. Yep, his weiner, truncheon, love stick, cockadoodledoo – whatever you want to call it (I have hundreds more!) will be out for all to see. So if you’re not keen on coming eye to eye with the trouser snake, best make your excuses and leave for a while, until it’s safely back in its cage!

A stripper in Budapest

Chippendale Show

Should you wish to go a little bit more upmarket for the striptease of the century, then book your very own Chippendale! Your Krakow hen weekend will be lit up like fireworks night when you see the beauties available for your amusement. In a trendy bar, you and your Hens will receive two cocktails during the performances – yes there are two shows, both of fifteen minutes each, yikes!

The Chippendales make their shows fun and sexy, you’ll be in for a treat. Their bodies are unbelievable and they are absolutely gorgeous, there isn’t even one runt in this litter! The only downside is that you do have to give him back at the end of the evening, unless your persuasive skills are second to none of course!

Budapest male strippers

Book yourselves a treat, book both, why not? It’s your special hen weekend in Krakow, never to be seen again, go on girls, you know you want to!


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