Choose a Theme for Your Hen Do in Budapest - Here are Our Suggestions

The excitement is building, you’re counting down the days to your Hen Do in Budapest, are you ready to explore the possibilities of a themed Hen Do?  Whether it’s to grab attention, or simply to party to the max, a themed party can really spice up proceedings. You get to choose outfits, decorations and even the drinks to complement the theme, it’s  every girl’s dream!

How To Choose a Theme

The best way to decide on a theme is to discuss options with the bride. She may already have a few ideas about what she’d like for her last weekend of freedom. If not, get all the hens to put their ideas in a hat and pick one out, the funnier, the better! Obviously if some of the girls are opposed to specific themes, then probably best to avoid them, otherwise you’ll have some miserable minnnies scowling at the camera, with everlasting photos to match!

Old Favourites

You could go for some tried and tested themes. There’s the fairly obvious bridal veils, ‘L’ plates and willy straws, done to death but still a firm favourite in cities in the UK. If that’s too cliche for you, how about naughty nurses or Burlesque dancers? Caring or stripping, your choice! Another classic is angels and devils. You know out of the group who will be the demure, shy angels and who will be the evil, wicked sinners…

Angels and Devils

Innovative Themes

Too cool for school? Well, it’s about time the Hen party had an makeover – have a look at some of these fantastic ideas, you’ll be falling over yourselves in anticipation…

Alice in Wonderland

A firm favourite at the tattoo parlour at the moment. But if the bride has an affinity with Lewis Carroll’s dreamtastic story, then this could be an amazing theme. With each of the hens dressed as different characters, quirks and all, obviously the bride gets to go as Alice – don’t even attempt to argue!

Alice in Wonderland theme

Boho Summer Festival

Get flower garlands and floaty skirts at the ready, the Boho Hen Do has arrived! This is one for the hippy chics; easy to find the outfits, get your hair done with curls and flowers intertwined and then get your groove on and float around the nightclubs having a blissful time!

Bridal Bootcamp

This would be amazing if you’re planning on an action packed Hen Do in Budapest! You can dress down, wear camouflage, paint war stripes on your faces, be the boy you never were! Of course, you can sexy it up a bit, include some suspenders to confuse the locals and you’re away to go!


Whatever theme you decide on for your Hen Do in Budapest, enjoy role playing and live it up, you’ll only get to do this once!


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