A Sparkling Conversation

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Today let’s talk about something close to every Budapest Boulardevier’s heart. Bubbly! Fizz! Bottled effervescence! Or as they call it in Hungary –  Peszgő. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the Hungarian word for ‘sparkling’, as in bubbly, as in sparkling wine. Those two little dashes on top of the Ő give it an accent. A […]

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Winter in Budapest

As a Norwegian, I have to admit, I love the cold winters. I adore putting on layers and layers of warm clothes, my biggest faux-fur hat and the very much hated pair of uggs. Who doesn’t like to snuggle under a blanket with a giant mug of tea hot wine and scented candles or searching […]

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Top 5 (+1) Reasons I Love Budapest

Budapest has been getting a lot of good press lately, and maybe some bad too, although the “bad” is actually just funny. We decided to stoke the fire with our own warm and fuzzy thoughts on our hometown. When my colleague, Rita, asked me to write about the top 5 reasons I love Budapest, I […]

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The Perfect Hen Activity

Top 5 Reasons to Book a Boat Cruise for Your Budapest Hen Party 1. Appeals to Everyone Be it a boozy hen do or a refined swan party, a boat cruise appeals to everyone. It’s a party and a cultural event all wrapped into one! If you are in the ‘Party Girls’ category then you […]

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Monday Nights in Budapest

What do you do on a Monday night in Budapest? Monday is “three-beers-for-500-Forints-in-Morrison’s” day. On Mondays, we very often find ourselves hunting down cute Aussies and other travellers that happen to be in our way. Last night we decided we should start earlier, with a shot called Alattomos, which means ”cunning” in English. It’s a […]

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